Miller, D.R., & Miller, G.L. 1993a Description of a new genus of scale insect with a discussion of relationships among families related to the Kermesidae (Homoptera: Coccoidea).. Systematic Entomology 18(3): 237-251.

Notes: Abstract: A new kermesid genus, Eriokermes is described for three species previously placed in the Eriococcidae: Eriokermes gillettei comb. n., E. juniperi comb. n., and E. juniperinus comb. n.; keys to Nearctic kermesid genera, Eriokermes species, and immatures and adults of E. gillettei are provided; four female and five male instars of E. gillettei are described; Eriokermes is placed in Kermesidae based on a cladistic estimate of its phylogenetic position.

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