Mendel, Z., Blumberg, D., Zehavi, A., & Weissenberg, M. 1992 Some polyphagous Homoptera gain protection from their natural enemies by feeding on the toxic plants Spartium junceum and Erythrina corallodendrum (Leguminosae).. Chemoecology 3: 118-124.

Notes: Abstract: Interactions studied among alkaloid-containing legumes and non-toxic plants, several polyphagous homopterans (including Icerya purchasi, I. aegyptiaca, Lepidosaphes ulmi and Planococcus citri, and some major natural enemies of these homopterans; in nature, population growth and density of four of the investigated homopterans are conspicuously high when they developed on the alkaloid containing plant species, and very low on non-alkaloid containing plants; the efficiency of their natural enemies may be reduced by sequestration of alkaloids (or other toxic plant compounds) or their transfer into excreted honeydew. Keywords: biological control.