Mendel, Z., Blumberg, D., & Ishaaya, I. 1991 Effect of buprofezin on Icerya purchasi and Planococcus citri.. Phytoparasitica 19(2): 103-112.

Notes: Abstract: Buprofezin was very effective against crawlers of both species; concentrations of 0.002%, 0.01% and 0.05% (a.i.) resulted in 91-99A% nymph mortality of P. citri, whereas 100% mortality was recorded when I. purchasi was treated at 0.05% (a.i.); 3rd instar nymphs of I. purchasi were less susceptible to the chemical; at 0.05%, buprofezin sprayed on adults slightly reduced fecundity and decreased egg hatch to 31% for I. purchasi and, depending on the exposure period of the females to 49-7% for P. citri; buprofezin at 0.05% exhibited strong ovicidal activity on P. citri, resulting in inhibition of over 80% egg hatch.