McCullough, D.W, Bhupathy, M., Piccolino, E., & Cohen, T. 1991 Highly efficient terpenoid pheromone syntheses via regio- and stereocontrolled processing of allyllithiums generated by reductive lithiation of alyl phenyl thioethers.. Tetrahedron 47(47): 9727-9736.

Notes: Abstract: Previous work had shown that reductive lithiation of allyl phenyl thioethers, followed by transmetallation, produces allylmetallics which reach selectively with carbonyl compounds at the most or least substituted terminus; the latter results in mainly cis olefin; this technology allows extremely efficient syntheses of racemic versions of lavandulol (two-pot, 70% yield), the Comstock mealybug pheromone (Pseudococcus comstocki) (one-pot, 45% yield) and the California red scale pheromone (Aonidiella aurantii) (4-steps, 23% yield).