McConnell, D.B., & Short, D.E. 1986 Efficacy of fertilizer-insecticide spikes in foliage plant production.. Proceedings of the Florida State Horticultural Society 99: 263-265.

Notes: Three insecticides (carbofuran, disulfoton and aldoxycarb) incorporated at 1% in individual 6-g fertilizer spikes (containing 12:4:8 or 15:14:4 NPK) were evaluated on Ficus retusa cv. Nitida infested with the thrips Gynaikothrips ficorum and on Dieffenbachia maculata cv. Exotica Perfection and Cordyline terminalis [C. fruticosa] cv. Baby Doll, both infested with the mealy bug Pseudococcus longispinus. With Ficus, 3 spikes were inserted per 3-gallon container on 26 July and again on 6 Sep. With Dieffenbachia, 1 or 2 spikes were inserted per 1-gallon container on 9 July and again on 20 Aug. With Cordyline, 1 or 2 spikes were inserted per 6-inch-diameter container on 23 July and again on 3 Sep. and 22 Oct. Mealybugs on Dieffenbachia were controlled by disulfoton and aldoxycarb, whereas on Cordyline mealybug infestations were eliminated by all compounds at double application rates (2 spikes/container). All insecticides reduced infestation levels of thrips on Ficus but none eliminated the pest.