McComie, L.D. 1997 Incidence and treatment of the hibiscus mealybug Maconellicoccus hirsutus (Green) August 1995 - February 1996.. Proceedings of the 1st Seminar on the Hibiscus Mealybug. Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Marine Resources, Research Division, MALMR Centeno (Trinidad and Tobago)

Notes: [Conference: 1. Seminar on the Hibiscus Mealybug. Farmers' Training Centre, Centeno (Trinidad and Tobago). 12 Apr 1996.] The hibiscus mealybug Maconellicoccus hirsutus has been found in five counties in Trinidad, where it attacked mainly ornamentals. Of the 170 species of host plants listed, members of the family Malvaceae, particularly ornamental hibiscus, sorrel and ochro were most frequently reported as being affected. Initially management of the pest included a combination of chemical spraying (using insecticides recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture) in combination with pruning, roguing, cutback and burning. Most treatments were done by the Ministry of Agriculture with spraying as the main procedure. Burning of infested materials was done in 39 of the cases. There is evidence of reinfestation in areas which had been previously treated and spread of the pest to new locations.