McCabe, T.L., & Johnson, L.M. 1980 Catalogue of the types in the New York State Museum insect collection.. Bulletin of the New York State Museum (of Natural History) No. 434: 1-38.

Notes: The collection contains 192 holotypes, 14 lectotypes, 240 syntypes, 45 allotypes, 501 paratypes, and 20 paralectotypes. The reference to the original description is cited and all data associted with the specimens are given, except for paratypes and paralectotypes. Coccoidea include Aspidiotus cerasi, A. furfurus, A. pinifoliae, Ceroplastes sanguineus, Ceroplastidia bruneri, Chionaspis gleditsiae, C. lintneri, C. micropori, C. spartinae, Coccus diversipes, C. salicis, Coccus tiliae, Diaspis cacti, Drosicha lichenoides, Eriopeltis coloradensis, Fiorinia carnelliae, Icerya zeteki, Lecanium caryae, L. pyri, L. quercifex, L. quercitronis, Phenacaspis natalensis, Poliaspis carissae, Pseudococcus cuspidatae, P. ledi, Pulvinaria occidentalis subalpina and Trionymus violascens.