Mauchline, N.A., Hill, M.G., Stannard, K.A., & Zhuang, Q.G. 2012 Susceptibility of kiwifruit shelter species to two armoured scale insects. New Zealand Plant Protection 65: 29-34

Notes: The relative susceptibility to greedy and latania scale of 21 tree species used as kiwifruit shelter was determined using laboratory and shade house bioassays. The bioassays cofirmed the general susceptibility of most of the willow and poplar selections, but showed that some selections had good levels of resistance, measured by scale insect survival and growth. For some shelter species, resistance to the armoured sclae species differed. The most resistant of the commonly used shelter species were Banbusa oldhami, Pinus radiata, and cryptomeria japonica. Other less commonly used species such as Pittosporum spp. also showed good resistance. Using these resistnat species as shelter in a kiwifruit orchard will minimise the risk of the shelter becoming a reservoir for either species of armoured scale.