Matile-Ferrero, D., & Pellizzari, G. 2002 Contribution to the knowledge of the scale insects (Hemiptera Coccoidea) from the Aosta Valley (Italy). Bollettino di Zoologia Agraria e di Bachicoltura (Milano) 34(3): 347-360.


  • distribution
  • survey
  • taxonomy
  • Notes: This paper presents the results of a survey on the scale insect fauna carried out over different years in the Alpine Aosta Valley (Italy). A total of 54 species have been collected in this Italian region. Of these, 7 are new for the Italian fauna: Neomargarodes festucae, Chaetococcus sulci, Peliococcus marrubii, Rhodania porifera, Eriococcus placidus, Rhizopulvinaria saxatilis and R. spinifera. Two other species previously recorded from the Aosta Valley as Rhizoecus caesii and Mirococcopsis nagyi proved their pertinence respectively to Rhizoecus pratensis and Volvicoccus volvifer. The opportunity is taken to synonymize Antoninella inaudita, n. syn. with Antoninella parkeri, n. comb. The peculiar climate of the Aosta Valley allows the establishment of several thermophilous or xerophilous species, some of which are considered rare species, such as Neomargarodes festucae, Antoninella parkeri, Chaetococcus sulci, Rhizoecus albidus, Rhodania porifera, Peliococcus marrubii, Volvicoccus volvifer, Cerococcus cycliger, Rhizopulvinaria artemisiae, R. spinifera and Quadraspidiotus labiataraum.