Marín Loayza, R. 1990 Biologia de Icerya purchasi Maskell (Homoptera: Margarodidae). [Biology of Icerya purchasi (Homoptera: Margarodidae).]. Revista Peruana de Entomología 32(1989): 64-66.


  • biology
  • life cycle
  • Notes: The biological cycle of the cottony-cushion scale was studied in La Molina, Lima (Peru), under laboratory conditions using two host plants: Citrus sinensis and Citrullus sp. On citrus, the average life cycle was 82 days plus 43 days adult longevity (females). The average oviposition rate was 504 eggs per female; on Citrullus sp., the respective averages were: 84 and 51 days, and 572 eggs. During these studies no males were found.