Mannaa, S.H., Darwish, Y.A., Abd El-Latif, A.O., & Salman, A.M.A. 2004a Effect of potassium fertilization on the population size of the red-striped soft scale insect, Pulvinaria tenuivalvata (Newstead) inhabiting leaves of the sugarcane plants. The 4th Scientific Conference of Agricultural Sciences, Assiut, December, 2004 2004: 101-107

Notes: The present study aims to determine the impact of certain levels of potassium fertilization on the population of the red-striped soft scale insect on sugarcane plantations in Upper Egypt. Statistical analysis of the data revealed highly significant differences among the three potassium fertilization levels tested, during two growing seasons(2001/2002 and 2002/2003). Generally, significant decrease in insect population size was shown in all trials with the increase of potassium level, during the two seasons. Sugarcane plants received the lowest dose of potassium fertilization (30 kg/fed.) harboured significantly the maximum density of insect population. However, there were insignificant differences in the number of the pest on plants treated with the recommended dose (50 kg.fed.) and those treated with the highest dose (70 kg/fed.) during May of the two seasons (2001/2002 and 2002/2003).