Mannaa, S.H., Darwish, Y.A., Abd El-Latif, A.O., & Salman, A.M.A. 2004 Efficiency of certain chemical compounds in reducing population of the red-striped soft scale insect, Pulvinaria tenivalvata (Newstead) infesting leaves of sugarcane plants in Upper Egypt . The 4th Scientific Conference of Agricultural Sciences, Assiut, December, 2004 2004: 44-50

Notes: The present study was performed at two districts (Quose and Abo-Tesht), Quena Governorate, during August 2002, under daily mean temperature and daily mean relative humidity averaged of (28.7°C and 31.0%) to evaluate the effectiveness of certain chemical compounds in reducing the red-striped soft scale insect infesting leaves of the sugarcane plants. The results of the present investigation concluded that pyriproxyfen 10% EC (1 mL/Lit. water), capl-2, 95% EC (6.25 mL/Lit. water) and methomyl 90% SP (1.25 gm/Lit. water) were the most efficient tested compounds against various developmental stages of the red-striped soft scale insect infesting sugarcane leaves, in either Quose or Abo-Tesht districts, Quena Governorate, during August, 2002. These chemical compounds were efficacy and exhibited the highest reduction percents in the population, through the course of the present study. It is of interest to note that these candidate compounds had not any phytotoxic effects on the sugarcane leaves or stems, where the vegetative growth appeared healthy with green colour.