Mahmood, R., Mohyuddin, A.I., & Kazimi, S.K. 1980 Rastrococcus spinosus (Robinson) (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae) and its natural enemies in Pakistan.. Proceedings of the 1st Pakistan Congress of Zoology, Part B, Research Papers. Zoological Society of Pakistan Islamabad, Pakistan 504 pp.

Notes: [30th April - 1st May 1980. Quid Azam Univ., Islamabad, Pakistan.] The polyphagous scale-insect Rastrococcus spinosus (Robs.) has become an important pest of mango in coastal areas of Pakistan. During studies on it at the Zoological Gardens, Karachi, it was also observed on oleander (Nerium indicum), banana, guava, orange, Annona squamosa and other plants. It was abundant on mango and oleander from September to April. The evidence suggests that it has been introduced into Pakistan relatively recently. No parasites were reared from it, but it was preyed on by Scymnus sp. (Pullus sp.), S. coccivora Ram. Ayyar (P. coccivora) and Pharoscymnus flexibilis (Muls.). Only S. coccivora appeared to exert any control.