Magallón-Servín, P., López-Vela, M., Pedraza-Mirafuentes, M., & Servín-Villegas, R. 2019 Ferrisia dasylirii (Cockerell, 1896), a Potential Pest of Commercial Plantations of Salicornia bigelovii (Torr.) at Baja California Sur, Mexico. Southwestern Entomologist


  • control
  • distribution
  • economic importance
  • host
  • Notes: The mealybug Ferrisia dasylirii (Cockerell), found for the first time in the salt-tolerant plant Salicornia bigelovii (Torr.). S. bigelovii is of economic interest for use in gourmet cuisine, industry, and soil remediation in deteriorated environments not suitable for conventional agriculture, a problem in arid and semi-arid regions. The plant also has great potential use in integrated marine aquaculture systems. Strategies for possible-plague management based on good practices should be established, especially when the plant is intended for human consumption.