de Oliveira Lima, D.C., Ramos, M.A., Hemenegildo da Silva, H.C., & Chaves Alves, A.G. 2016 Rapid assessment of insect fauna based on local knowledge: comparing ecological and ethnobiological methods. Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 12(15): 1-8


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  • Notes: During the conventional survey of insect fauna, the species Bemisia tabaci biotype B, Aphis gossypii, Phenacoccus sp., Icerya purchasi and Lagria villosa were the primary pests found in the okra crop. Regarding the survey of insect pests, the results were convergent in both techniques (conventional sampling and free list). Comparing the interview with visual stimuli (pictures) and specimen witnesses (entomological box) revealed that the latter was more effective.