Li, J., & Hu, X. 1994 [Rejuvenation and utilization of wild Ziziphus mauritiana.]. Forest Research 7(2): 224-226.

Notes: Ziziphus mauritiana Lam. is a chief host plant of the fine species of lac insects, Kerria lacca and K. sindica. A pilot experiment was carried out on transformation of the wild trees at Yuanmao County, Yunnan Province and satisfactory results were obtained as follows: From each stump 6 apprx 8 shoots can be regenerated. Thickness of the shoots is 2.0 apprx 3.0 cm in general, the thickest 4.68 cm in diameter; average length above 2.0 m, the longest 3.55 m. These shoots can then be used to inoculate lac insects with a yield of raw lac of 3.0 apprx 6.0 kg per stump in the third year, the highest reaching 7.83 kg offering 40 apprx 80 yuan per stump.