Leonidze, N. 2005 Japanese wax pseudoscales (Ceroplastes japonicus Green) on decorative plants in Ajara.. Bulletin of the Georgian Academy of Sciences 172(3): 550-551.

Notes: Results are presented of the study of Ceroplastes japonicus Green recorded on decorative plants the bin Ajara. Ceroplastes japonicus Green is an adventive species first revealed in 1933 in Sukhumi. Nowadays Ceroplastes japonicus Green is widely distributed in the region of the Black Sea coast of Ajara. Different species of entomophages have also been found, such as Chilocorus bijugus sp., Infermalis muels, Chilocorus renipustulatus Scriba, Chilocorus bipustulatus, Scutellista cyanea Motsch. and Microteris clauseni Comp., which regulate populations of Ceroplastes japonicus Green on decorative plants in Ajara.