Kwon, G.M., Han, M.J., & Choi, D.R. 2005 Scale insects (Sternorrhyncha) occurring on flowering plants in Korea.. Korean Journal of Applied Entomology 44(1): 51-59.

Notes: A total of 45 scale insects belonging to 29 genera of five families were recognized on 15 kind of flowering plants on the basis of specimens collected in 2003 and specimens deposited in the Insect Collection of NIAST in Korea. Three species were recognized on Korean forsythia, four on chrysanthemum, 15 on common camellia, seven on kobus magnolia, three on rose of sharon, one on Indian lilac, six on rose, seven on rhododendrons, two on bamboo palm, three on benjamin tree, 12 on evergreen euonymus, five on Japanese yew, two on corn plant, six on orchids and two on cacti. Pulvinaria floccifera (Westwood) and Pseudaonidia paeoniae (Cockerell) on common camellia and Pulvinaria citricalar Kuwana on rose of sharon are reported for the first time from the Korean Peninsula.