Kwon, G.M., & Han, M.J. 2003 [Scale insects (Stenorrhyncha) [Sternorrhyncha] occurred on fruit trees in Korea.]. Korean Journal of Applied Entomology 42(4): 279-288.

Notes: A total of 29 scale insect species belonging to 21 genera of five families were recognized on 11 fruit trees on the basis of specimens collected from 2001 to 2002 and specimens deposited in the Insect Collection of NIAST in Korea. Ten species were recognized on apple, nine species on pear, three species on peach, 14 species on unshiu orange, nine species on persimmon, two species on Japanese plum, one species on Japanese apricot, 10 species on junos orange, one species on grape, four species on jujube and three species on kiwi fruit.