Kwon, G.M., Danzig, E.M., & Park, K.T. 2003 Taxonomic notes of the family Pseudococcidae (Sternorrhyncha) in Korea. I. Tribes Phenacoccini, Rhizoecini, and Sphaerococcini.. Insecta Koreana 20(1): 103-124.

Notes: A total of 22 species belonging to the genera of the tribes Phenacoccini, Rhizoecini, and Sphaerococcini (Sternorrhyncha: Pseudococcidae) are noted in Korea, with descriptions and illustrations for a full grown female. Among them, three species, Heliococcus puerariae sp. nov., Heliococcus zoysiae sp. nov., and Phenacoccus rubicola sp. nov., are new to science, and four species, Coccura comari, Heliococcus kuriensis, Puto erigeroneus and P. orientalis are reported for the first time from the Korean Peninsula, and a species is newly known from South Korea. Eleven species, which were previously recorded in Korea, have not been found from South Korea during this study.