Krishnamoorthy, S.V., & Mahadevan, N.R. 2002 Assessment of status of sugarcane coccids in Cauvery delta region.. Indian Journal of Plant Protection 30(2): 120-126

Notes: Studies were conducted to assess the current status of sugarcane coccids in the Cauvery delta region, Tamil Nadu, India. The coccid fauna surveyed in five sugarcane factory areas revealed the occurrence of scale insects, namely Melanaspis glomerata, Marsipococcus marsupiale, Aulacaspis madiunensis and Aclerda japonica. Among the four coccids, Melanaspis glomerata occurred widely and intensively in all the sugar factory areas surveyed. The occurrence of Marsipococcus marsupiale and Aclerda japonica was very strayed in the sugar factory areas except in Cauvery sugars where it was comparatively higher. Aulacaspis madiunensis occurred commonly in alternate hosts like Erianthus [Saccharum] sp. and Saccharum spontaneum types in Kothari sugars area but its incidence on sugarcane hybrids was very strayed. The occurrence of Aclerda japonica was low in all the surveyed areas and no incidence of Aulacaspis madiunensis was recorded in Arignar Anna sugars. The occurrence of Marsipococcus marsupiale was recorded only at nine months after planting and harvest while Aulacaspis madiunensis and Aclerda japonica were recorded only during harvest. Melanaspis glomerata was more or less equally abundant both in plant and ratoon crops in the sugarcane cultivars commonly cultivated in the Cauvery delta region. Coccid infestation was highest during harvest in all the five sugar factory areas indicating their proliferation on the standing crops until harvest.