Kreiter, P., Graille, G., Thaon, M., Lanza, R., Tamonte, M., Germain, C., Germain, J.-F., & Hantzberg, H. 2004 [Biological control against two mealybugs, newly present on strawberries in Southern France.] Premiers r├ęsultats de protection biologique: contre deux cochenilles pseudococcines nouvellement pr├ęsentes sur fraisiers dans le sud de la France.. Phytoma No. 568: 38-40.

Notes: Two scale-insect viz., Pseudococcus viburni and Heliococcus bohemicus were recorded as new pests of strawberries in Southern France. A preliminary study of the biological control of the pests using the coccidiphagous predator Cryptolaemus montrouzieri has been set up and the results of the study are presented.