Kreiter, P., Germain, C., Visserot, X., Capy, A., Fave, C., Thaon, M., Giuge, L., Gory, P., Hantzberg, H., Chabriere, C., Leyre, J.M., Xiong, J.J., & Fournier, C. 2005 [Trials for biological control of Pseudococcus viburni in tomato greenhouses in France.] Essais de lutte biologique contre la cochenille farineuse P. viburni en serre de tomates.. Phytoma 579: 48-52.

Notes: [Additional author: Rodriguez, F.] Studies on the biological control of P. viburni, infesting soil-less tomatoes in greenhouses in France, using a parasitoid wasp from Chile were presented.