Kozár, F., & Konczné Benedicty, Z. 2001a Ortheziola of Asia with the descriptions of three new species, and world distribution of the genus (Homoptera : Coccoidea, Ortheziidae).. Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 47(1): 15-25.

Notes: Three new Ortheziola species (O. peregovitsi, O. vietnamiensis, O. matskasii) are described from Asia. By these descriptions the number of the known Ortheziola species of the World increases to 23. Distribution records and zoogeographical considerations are given. The new species represent a link between the Palaearctic, Oriental and Ethiopian Regions. The records gave a new insight into the species richness of this genus in the World.