Kozár, F. 2009a [Scale species (Hemiptera, Ccccoidea) and climate change studies on Hungarian highways.] . Növényvédelem 577-588

Notes: It was concluded from the studies that the number of scale species found on Hungarian highways is 102, much more than expected, among them there are several ones new to the domestic fauna and there is a protected species as well. Various scale species occurred at too high population densities on sown grasses, but infection level on woody plants was extremely high at certain places. The heavy infestation of young trees (conifers, ashes, thuyas, junipers, prickwoods, etc.) at newly opened highway stops indicates that the planting materials were not free from scale insects either.We identified new sites in Hungary during the pheromone trapping of white peach scale (Pseudaulacaspis pentagona). The number of males on highways was much lower compared to the ones in the town. Our data support the assumption of spreading white peach scale by vehicles (“transport vector”). The significant raise in the catches of P. pentagona from 2007 to 2008 indicates the beginning of a high increase of population. The three studied invasive species of Mediterranean origin (P. citri, P. ficus, Ps. comstocki) could not have been detected.