Koteja, J. 2000c Advances in the study of fossil coccids (Hemiptera: Coccinea).. Polskie Pismo Entomologiczne 69: 187-218.

Notes: Twenty-year studies (1981-2000) on fossil scale insects, in cooperation with the late Dr. Roza Kulicka from the Museum of the Earth, are reviewed in this paper. The main task of this work was gathering fossils and information on their distribution among collections worldwide to prepare a catalogue of coccid fossils. The number of registered coccid fossils has increased ten times for the past twenty years, reaching now about 1300 specimens. A few original papers on scale insects from Balitc, Bitterfeld, Taymyrian, new Jersey and Alaskan amber, and Lower Cretaceous impressions were published during that time, but most articles were devoted to popularization of amber inclusions and fossil scale insects. Systematics of fossil scale insects is discussed, and a revised list of already described taxa is provided. An outline of coccid phylogeny, based on fossil record, is presented. Species listed, many extinct or extanct, include Acreagris crenata, Arctorthezia antiqua, Aspidiotus proteus, Baisococcus victoriae, Balticoccus oblicus, B. spinosus, Cancerococcus apterus, Coccus termitinus, Dorthezia sp., Electrococcus canadensis, Eomatsucoccus andrewi, E. casei, E. popovi, E. sukachevae, Gedanicoccus gracilis, Grimaldiella gregaria, G. resinophila, Jersicoccus kurthi, Jutlandicoccus pauper, J. perfectus, Keithia luzzii, Kuenowicoccus pietrzeniukae, Labiococcus sp., Matsucoccus apterus, M. electrinus, M. larssoni, M. saxonicus, Mesococcus asiaticus, Monophlebus simplex, Newsteadia succini, Palaeonewsteadia humaniae, Protorthezia aurea, Puto sp., Solicoccus nascimbenei, Sucinikermes kulickae, Turonicoccus beardsleyi and T. grimaldii.