Koteja, J. 2000 Scale insects (Homoptera, Coccinea) from Upper Cretaceous New Jersey amber.. Studies on Fossils in Amber, with Particular Reference to the Cretaceous of New Jersey. Backhuys Publishers Leiden, The Netherlands

Notes: Results of comprehensive studies on Cretaceous insects in New Jersey amber (Turonian, 90-95 Ma) are presented, based on 56 amber pieces containing 72 coccid inclusions, all collected at the White Oaks Pits (Sayreville, Middlesex Co.), and housed at the American Museum of Natural history. Eight groups at family level have been recognized in the material, four being new taxa, three extant, and one unnamed: Jersicoccidae fam. n. with Jersicoccus kurthi gen. et sp.n.; Grimaldiellidae fam.n. with Grimaldiella gen.n.; Labiococcidae fam.n. with Labiococcus joosti gen.et sp.n. and Colicoccus nascimbenei gen. et sp.n.; Eriococcidae with Keithia luccii gen. et sp.n. Except for five specimens (in Labiococcus and Keithia) the inclusions represent alate males. Ca. 20% of amber pieces contain more than one coccid inclusion.