Koteja, J. 1998a Essays on coccids (Homoptera): sudden death in amber?. Polskie Pismo Entomologiczne 67: 185-218.

Notes: In amber, not only organisms, but also events are fossilized, called "in action inclusions" here. Among scale insect inclusions hatching and moulting specimens have been found, attempts at piercing the resin, sperm ejected into the resin, males with everted endophalus and various forms of syninclusions - specimens of different animal groups entombed with coccids in the same amber piece (e.g. phoretic mites), of different coccid taxa or of the same species (mother with her children, specimens in copula). The origin of various "in action inclusions" and their scientific value are discussed. It has been concluded that trouble understanding the actual nature of such inclusions arise from the poor knowledge of recent phenomena.