Koteja, J. 1996a Scale insects (Homoptera: Coccinea) a day after.. Thomas Say Publications in Entomology. Proceedings. Studies on Hemipteran Phylogeny. Entomological Society of America Lanham, MD 244 pp.

Notes: An annotated list of 130 scale insect characteristics, which cover morphology, development, genetics, ecology, etc., is provided; the list contains features (character states) considered to be coccid autapomorphies, presumed coccid sister--perhaps aphid--group synapomorphies, and selected hemipteran plesiomorphies; apomorphies of all lower taxa were identified and deleted; scale insects are considered here to be a monophyletic group; within them, Putoidae is considered as ancestor of all neococcids, which comprise >90% of scale insect species.