Konstantinova, G.M., & Kozarshevskaya, E.F. 1990 Lists are provided of species of Diaspididae with their distribution and food plants, and of food plants (in alphabetical order) damaged by the main quarantine species.. [Scale insects - pests of fruits and ornamental plants.] Shchitovki - vrediteli plodovykh i dekorativnykh rastenii. VO Agropromizdat Moscow; USSR 156 pp.


  • distribution
  • host
  • list
  • Notes: On the basis of many years of study, this book contains information on the main pests of Coccinea damaging fruit crops and ornamentals in the territory of the former USSR. It is arranged in the following sections: general characteristics of scale insects; quarantine species; species absent from the former USSR; the most important pest species in the former USSR; and protection of fruit crops and ornamentals against scale insects.