Kondo, T., Williams, M.L., & Gullan, P.J. 2005 Taxonomic review of the genus Xenolecanium Takahashi and description of the new genus Takahashilecanium Kondo (Hemiptera: Coccidae; Coccinae, Paralecaniini).. Entomological Science 8: 109-120.

Notes: The genus Xenolecanium Takahashi is reviewed and transferred from the subfamily Myzolecaniinae to the Coccinae (tribe Paralecaniini). The type species Xenolecanium mangiferae Takahashi is redescribed, and Xenolecanium takahashii Kondo sp. nov. from Indonesia is described based on the adult female and first instar nymph. A taxonomic key is provided to separate adult females of the two species of Xenolecanium. Xenolecanium rotundum Takahashi is transferred to become the type species of a new monotypic genus, Takahashilecanium Kondo, which is also placed in the Paralecaniini. The morphological justification for placing Xenolecanium and Takahashilecanium in the Paralecaniini is discussed, and we provide a taxonomic key for separating both genera from all other members of the Paralecaniini.