Kondo, T., & Unruh, C.M. 2009 A new species of Crypticerya Cockerell (Hemiptera: Monophlebidae) from Colombia, with a key to species of the tribe iceryini found in South America.. Neotropical Entomology 38(1): 92-100.

Notes: Abstract: The female and first-instar nymph of a new species of iceryine scale insect, Crypticerya multicicatrices Kondo & Unruh sp. n., are described and illustrated. The new scale insect is polyphagous and was collected on 13 plant species distributed in seven botanical families, including fruit trees of economic importance such as mango and soursop. A taxonomic key to the species of the tribe Iceryini known from South America is provided. Previous records of C. brasiliensis (Hempel) from Colombia are confirmed to be misidentifications of this new species.