Kondo, T., Hardy, N.B., Cook, L.G., & Gullan, P.J. 2006 Description of two new genera and species of Eriococcidae (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) from southern South America.. Zootaxa 1349: 19-36.

Notes: Two new genera of Eriococcidae, Intecticoccus Kondo and Orafortis Hardy, each with a new species (I. viridis Kondo and O. luna Hardy), are described and illustrated based on the adult females. I. viridis was collected on Nothofagus antarctica (Nothofagaceae) in Argentina and Chile, and O. luna was collected in Chile on Amomyrtus luna (Myrtaceae). Based on a phylogenetic analysis of SSU rDNA (18S) sequence data, I. viridis and O. luna are placed within the Gondwanan group of eriococcids (Sensu Cook & Gullan 2004), which also includes other Nothofagus-feeding genera such as Chilechiton Hodgson & Miller, Chilecoccus Miller & Gonzalez and Madarococcus Hoy. Major genera within the Gondwanan goup that feed on other plant groups include Lachnodius Maskell, Opisthoscelis Schrader and some species currently assigned to Eriococcus Targioni Tozzetti. We consider that I. viridis and O. luna are each sufficiently distinct from other named taxa to warrant erection of two new genera. DNA data do not support a relationship of Chilechiton with the New Zealand genus Eriochiton Maskell. A revised taxonomic key to the adult female of Eriococcidae known from Chile is provided.

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