Kondo, T., & Gullan, P.J. 2004 A new species of ant-tended soft scale of the genus Cryptostigma Ferris (Hemiptera: Coccidae) associated with bamboo in Peru.. Neotropical Entomology 33(6): 717-723.

Notes: Soft scale insects of the genus Cryptostigma occur only in the Neotropical region and usually live in the nests of ants, or rarely bees, inside plant stems, or feed on plant roots. Here we provide the first report of Cryptostigma from Peru. We describe Cryptostigma guadua sp. nov. based on the adult female and the first-instar nymph. These coccids have been collected only from the nests of Camponotus (Myrmostenus) longipilis, Camponotus (Myrmostenus) mirabilis and Camponotus (Pseudocolobopsis) sp. from inside live bamboos of Guadua sp. in lowland tropical forests in Parque Nacional del Manu, in southeast Peru. The adult female and the first-instar nymph (crawler) of Cryptostigma guadua sp. nov. are compared to closely related species.

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