Komosinska, H. 1987a Occurrence of scale insects (Homoptera, Coccoidea) on trees and shrubs of forests in the Warsaw environs.. Annals of Warsaw Agricultural University - SGGW-AR (21): 105-116.

Notes: Summary/abstract in: Polish. Abstract: Discussion of frequency of species, density of colonies and analysis of single-host groupings; scale species recorded include Steingelia gorodetskia, Phenacoccus aceris, Pseudochermes fraxini, Kermes quercus, Parthenolecanium corni, P. rufulum, Eulecanium ciliatum, E. coryli, E. douglasi, Pulvinaria betulae, Asterodiaspis variolosa, Lepidosaphes ulmi, Chionaspis salicis and Quadraspidiotus ostreaeformis.