Kohli, S., Gulati, P, Narang, A., Maini, S., Shamsudheen, R.V., Pandey, R., Scaria, V., Sivasubbu, S., & Brahmachari, V. 2021 Genome and transcriptome analysis of the mealybug Maconellicoccus hirsutus: Correlation with its unique phenotypes. Genomics 113: 2483–2494


  • DNA
  • endosymbionts
  • genebank
  • Notes: We sequenced, de novo assembled, annotated Maconellicoccus hirsutus genome. We carried out comparative genomics it with four mealybug and eight other insect species, to identify expanded, specific and contracted gene classes that relate to pesticide and desiccation resistance. We identified horizontally transferred genes adding to the mutualism between the mealybug and its endosymbionts. Male and female transcriptome analysis indicates differential expression of metabolic pathway genes correlating with their physiology and the genes for sexual dimorphism. The significantly lower expression of endosymbiont genes in males relates to the depletion of endosymbionts in males during development.