Khaladi, O., & Guendouz-Benrima, A. 2019 An assessment of population fluctuations of a hemipteran citrus pest in the northeast of Algeria: A case study from Guelma region. Acta Agriculturae Slovenica 113(2): 289–298


  • ecology
  • Notes: In this study we were able to follow the spatio-temporal evolution of the main hemipteran pests in an orchard of citrus. We noted that Aonidiella aurantii and Chrysomphalus dictyospermi had a preference to develop in the center of the tree while the other species, Dialeurodes citri, Aphis gossypii, Aphis spiraecola, Lepidosaphes beckii, Parlatoria ziziphi, Saissetia olea, Coccus hesperidum, Coccus pseudomagnoliarum and Icerya purchasi, were found in the sunniest parts of the tree.