Kaydan, M.B., & Gavrilov-Zimin, I.A. 2010 Mirococcopsis multicircularia sp. nov. from Turkey (Sternorrhyncha: Pseudococcidae).. Zoosystematica Rossica 19(1): 50–53

Notes: An adult female of Mirococcopsis multicircularia sp. nov. is described and illustrated. The new species is similar to M. teberdae (Danzig, 1985), but differs from it by the number of circuli (three instead of one), small number of dorsal multiclocular pores, the presence of simple tubular ducts of only one size (instead of two sizes) and the presence of several oral rim tubular ducts on the dorsum. The new species was collected from an undetermined Poaceae plant in Van-Bahcesaray in 2006