Jeyarani, S., Sridharan, S., & Sadakathulla, S. 2000 Effect of steam distillate extracts of resistant rice varieties on rice mealybug.. Insect Environment 6(1) 14-15.

Notes: Solutions of the steam distillates of mealybug [? Brevennia rehi] resistant rice cultivars (IR36, IR64, IR72 and Ptb21) were sprayed on the single tiller of the susceptible rice cultivar TN1 at 2000 ppm. Each plant was infested with 5 gravid mealybug females. Significantly fewer eggs were laid on plants treated with the distillates than on control plants. Toxicity tests on first instar nymphs revealed that the extracts of all cultivars were toxic, causing 54 to 68% mortality.