Jashenko, R.V. 1999 Fauna, natural enemies, agricultural harm and possibility of industrial use of margarodids (Coccinea, Margarodidae) in East Europe and North Asia.. Selevinia 1998: 43-50.


  • economic importance
  • list
  • natural enemies
  • taxonomy
  • Notes: A list of 64 species is given from 13 genera and 3 subfamilies. Six species are found to be synonyms: Pseudaspidoproctus armeniaca to P. hyphaeniacus, Drosicha media to D. turkestanica, Marchalina caucasica to M. hellenica, Neomargarodes balachowskyi to N. aristidae, N. borchsenii to N. festucae and Porphyrophora georgica to P. monticola.