Jactel, H., Menassieu, P., Ceria, A., Burban, C., Regad, J., Normand, S., & Carcreff, E. 1998 Une pullulation de la cochenille Matsucoccus feytaudi provoque un debut de deperissement du pin maritime en Corse. [An outbreak of the scale insect Matsucoccus feytaudi, which initiated decline of maritime pine in Corsica.]. Revue Forestière Française 50: 33-45.

Notes: The use of pheromone traps led to the discovery of scale insect (Matsucoccus feytaudi) infesting maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) in Corsica in 1994. An epidemiological survey conducted at the seat of the infection, supplemented by genetic determination of the origin of the insects, indicated that there was a serious risk of an epidemic. In 1997, the initial symptoms of decline and dieback were noted in P. pinaster stands within the contaminated area. Control methods are discussed: both chemical control and widespread felling appear to be unrealistic. Further field trials are required before massive entrapment using pheromone traps can be implemented. In the short- and medium-term, the most promising control methods appear to be carefully planned remedial thinning, and the use of resistant P. pinaster genotypes.