Islam, K.S., & Jahan, M. 1992 Influence of different types of food on the reproductive performance of Anagyrus pseudococci (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae).. Bangladesh Journal of Entomology 2: 17-22.

Notes: Potential fecundity of Anagyrus pseudococci, a primary parasitoid of Planococcus citri and Pseudococcus affinis, was studied on various food sources in the laboratory. Females provided with 50% honey solution and deprived of the opportunity of egg laying had the largest number (25.08 plus or minus 0.63) of egg complements in the ovaries 5 days after eclosion. Fecundity was higher in the honey-fed parasitoids than those fed on honeydew and water. Water-fed parasitoids had less than 20% of the number of mature eggs than those fed on 50% honey solution. Females given honeydew of the two mealybug species had similar fecundities. When fed on water, rapid resorption and slow maturation of eggs occurred. Deprivation of suitable food up to four days after emergence showed increase in fecundity provided that 50% honey solution was available from the age of five days. The results are discussed in relation to the reproductive strategy of this parasitoid species.