Hu, S.C., Yan, Z.X., Li, A.H., Ba, S., & Zhan, D. 1986 [A brief report of main destructive insects on wheat in Tibet.]. Plant Protection 12(6): 10-12.

Notes: Twenty-six of 72 species of insect pests identified so far on wheat and highland barley in Xizhang, China are listed. These include the acridid Locusta migratoria tibetensis [L. m. burmana], the aphids Acyrthosiphon dirhodum [Metopolophium dirhodum] and Rhopalosiphum padi, the pseudococcid Pseudorhodania marginata, the thrips Aptinothrips stylifer and Thrips vulgatissimus and the scarabaeids Heptophylla calcarata and Brahmina sp. The distributions, generation times and the damage caused by these species are described briefly.