Hou, Y.-F., Wei, J.-F., Zhao, T.-Y., Li, C.-F., & Wang, F. 2023 First complete mitochondrial genome of the tribe Coccini (Hemiptera, Coccomorpha, Coccidae) and its phylogenetic implications. ZooKeys 1180: 333–354


  • DNA
  • phylogenetics
  • Notes: Here, we described the complete mitogenome of Coccus hesperidum L., 1758. our phylogenetic analysis confirmed the monophyly of Coccomorpha and revealed that the archaeococcoids were the most basal lineage within Coccomorpha, while Ericerus pela and Didesmococcus koreanus, belonging to Coccidae, were often mixed with Aclerdidae, making Coccidae a paraphyletic group. These findings expand the mitogenome database of scale insects and provide new insights on mitogenome evolution for future studies across different insect groups.

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