Hodgson, C.J., & Millar, I.M. 2002a A new subfamily, two new genera and three new species of Aclerdidae (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) from southern Africa, with a phylogenetic analysis of relationships. Systematic Entomology 27(4): 469–517


  • description
  • disease transmission
  • distribution
  • host
  • phylogeny
  • taxonomy
  • Notes: A new aclerdid genus, Lecanaclerda Hodgson & Millar, closely related to Aclerda but with fully developed legs and antennae, is introduced for a new new species, L. macropoda Hodgson & Millar, for which the male and female are described. In addition, genus Rhodesaclerda McConnell is revised and all known stages of existing species, R. combreticola McConnell and R. halli McConnell, are redescribed. The crawler, second‐instar female, pupa and the adult male and female of a new species, R. insleyae Hodgson & Millar, from South Africa are also described. Another new genus, Kwazulaclerda Hodgson & Millar, close to Rhodesaclerda, is introduced and the crawler, second‐instar female, second‐instar male, pupa and adult male and female of the new species K. loranthi Hodgson & Millar from Kwazulu‐Natal are described. A phylogenetic analysis based on adult macropterous male characters was undertaken to look at the relationships of these species with other Coccoidea. It is concluded that Lecanaclerda is closely related to Aclerda, Kwazulaclerda is closely related to Rhodesaclerda, Kwazulaclerda and Rhodesaclerda belong to Aclerdidae, and Aclerdidae should be split into two subfamilies, Rhodesaclerdinae Hodgson & Millar (to include Rhodesaclerda and Kwazulaclerda) and Aclerdinae Cockerell (to include Aclerda, Lecanaclerda and Nipponaclerda). These two subfamilies are diagnosed and a key is given for the separation of the genera now included in Aclerdidae. The relationships of Aclerdidae and Coccidae are discussed.

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