Hodgson, C.J. 1993 The immature instars and adult male of Etiennea (Homoptera: Coccidae) with a discussion of its affinities.. Journal of African Zoology 107(3): 193-215.

Notes: Summary/abstract in: French. Abstract: The immature stages and adult males of Coccoidea are considered to provide a better picture of their phylogeny than the degenerate adult females; descriptions of 1st instar crawler, 2nd and 3rd instar females and 2nd instar, prepupa, pupa and adult males of Etienna petasus and comparisons to similar stages of E. gouligouli, E. multituberculum, E. montrichardiae, E. ferox and E. sinetuberculum; range of variation for each instar within the genus is small; key provided for instar identification; Etiennea is determined to be close to the 'Coccus' group, but is more primitive. Keywords: males.