Hodgson, C.J. 1991a A revision of the scale insect genera Etiennea and Platysaissetia (Homoptera: Coccidae) with particular reference to Africa.. Systematic Entomology 16: 173-221.

Notes: Abstract: From a study of P. castilloae, the type species of Platysaissetia Cockerell, it is considered that none of the other species presently placed in Platysaissetia are congeneric. All known species from Africa (and one from British Guiana) are redescribed and are here transferred to the genus Etiennea Matile-Ferrero; one species is synonymized and 12 spp. are described as new. Lectotypes have been designated for Etiennea kellyi (Brain) and E. montrichardiae (Newstead). Although not considered to be congeneric with P. castilloae, P. tsaratananae Mamet and P. crustuliforme (Green) are left in Platysaissetia.