Hitchcock, T.J., Gardner, A., & Ross, L. 2021 Sexual antagonism in haplodiploids. Evolution doi:10.1111/evo.14398


  • reproduction
  • Notes: Here, we develop a series of evolutionary-genetic models of sexual antagonism for haplodiploids, incorporating details of their molecular biology and social ecology. We find that: (1) paternal genome elimination promotes female-beneficial alleles more than arrhenotoky, and to an extent determined by the timing of elimination—and degree of silencing of—the paternal genome; (2) sib-mating relatively promotes female-beneficial alleles, as do other forms of inbreeding including limited male-dispersal, oedipalmating, and the pseudo-hermaphroditism of Icerya purchasi; (3) resource competition between related females inhibits the invasion of female-beneficial alleles; and (4) sexual antagonism foments conflicts between parents and offspring, endosymbionts and hosts, and maternal- and paternal-origin genes.

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