Herrick, G.W., & Seger, J. 1999 Imprinting and paternal genome elimination in insects.. Genomic Imprinting: An Interdisciplinary Approach. Springer Berlin

Notes: Pulvinaria hydrangeae is mentioned as an example of diploid males that are occasionally produced by parthenogenesis. The section on paternal chromosome elimination in scale insects discusses the great diversity of germline and embryonic elimination systems that have evolved in the "coccids" (Coccoidea, now coccoids), a suborder within Homoptera that includes mealybugs and other scale insects. The relatively simple lecanoid germline system is ancestral to the more complex Comstockiella germline system, which in turn gave rise (apparently several times) to diaspidid embryonic elimination. PGE may also occur in the testicular tissues of hermaphroditic Icerya (Margarodidae).