Henderson, R.C., Sultan, A., & Robertson, A.W. 2010 Scale insect fauna (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha: Coccoidea) of New Zealand's pygmy mistletoes (Korthalsella: Viscaceae) with description of three new species: Leucaspis albotecta, L. trilobata (Diaspididae) and Eriococcus korthalsellae (Eriococcidae). Zootaxa 2644: 1-24

Notes: The scale insect fauna recorded on the pigmy mistletoe genus Korthalsella (Viscaceae) and New Zealand's loranthaceous mistletoes is reviewed. Three new species from New Zealand discovered on Korthalsella species during this study are described: the adult female, 2nd-instar male and female nymphs of two pupillarial species Leucaspis albotecta sp. nov. and Leucaspis trilobata sp. nov. (Diaspididae); and the adult female, 2nd-instar male and female nymphs and 1st-instar nymph of Eriococcus korthalsellae sp. nov. (Eriococcidae). A distribution map is provided for the three new species. We report the first records of adventive (exotic) scale insects on Korthalsella species in New Zealand - Ceroplastes sinensis Del Guercio, Coccus hesperidum Linnaeus, soft brown scale, Saissetia coffeae (Walker), hemispherical scale, S. oleae (Olivier), black scale (Coccidae), and Aspidiotus nerii Bouch?, oleander scale, Hemiberlesia lataniae (Signoret), latania scale, H. rapax (Comstock), greedy scale (Diaspididae), while three native scale insects are also first records: Kalasiris perforate (Maskell) (Coccidae), Eriococcus pallidus Maskell (Eriococcidae) and Paracoccus glaucus (Maskell) (Pseudococcidae). Ten scale insect species are listed for New Zealand's loranthaceous mistletoes.